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Whether he’s coaching, casting, directing, writing or performing, it’s Keythe’s commitment to telling stories clearly and effectively that drives him in everything he does. 


Keythe came to Los Angeles from Sacramento in the mid-80s to attend UCLA. After graduation from the School of Theatre, Film and Television, Keythe soon found work acting on Television series like FULL HOUSE, BEVERLY HILLS 90210 and the HBO movie …AND THE BAND PLAYED ON.


In 1994, Keythe went to work in production at Klasky/ Csupo Inc. While there, Keythe worked on  the animated series DUCKMAN, SANTO BUGITO and the Emmy Award Winning RUGRATS MOTHERS’ DAY SPECIAL. His proudest achievement, though, was producing the Spy vs. Spy interstitials for MAD TV. After three years learning ins-and-outs of animation production, Keythe was offered an opportunity to voice-direct the reboot of the RUGRATS franchise which he did for five seasons.

Meanwhile, Keythe was developing BAT BOY: THE MUSICAL with Brian Flemming and Laurence O’Keefe. BAT BOY opened to a sold-out run in Los Angeles on Halloween Night 1997, and went on to garner two Richard Rodgers Development Grants from the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1998 and 1999. BAT BOY opened Off Broadway to rave reviews in March 2001, and was awarded the Lucille Lortell and Outer Critics’ Circle awards for Best Musical that season. Since then, it’s been performed in nearly every major professional and repertory theatre in the US, and has been translated into German, Japanese, Spanish and Korean.


At the same time, Keythe and Brian were producing segments for SPLIT SCREEN a TV newsmagazine about Independent Film that aired on IFC. They also collaborated on the RUGRATS episode FAMOUS BABIES, and wrote the Independent Spirit Awards show in 1998 and 1999.

The RUGRATS TV series led to RUGRATS video games, and this launched Keythe’s career as a casting and voice director for interactive entertainment. Over the last 15 years, Keythe has cast and directed dozens of titles including GOD OF WAR, CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 3, SKYLANDERS and FINAL FANTASY XV.

In addition to casting, directing and writing, Keythe has continued acting as well. He played Old Kuno in BLACK RIDER at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, Philias Fogg in AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS at the Cleveland Playhouse and he was the voice of Big Brother in The Actors’ Gang production of 1984 which toured the world from 2006 to 2012 with performances in Madrid, Athens, Barcelona, Hong Kong and Melbourne along with dozens of states across the US. Keythe is a 25-year member of The Actors’ Gang theatre company, and, more recently, the Fake Radio and Revenge of the Voice Actors comedy troupes.

As a VO actor, Keythe portrayed Thane Krios in the MASS EFFECT series of video games, and he appeared as the villain Kellogg in FALLOUT 4. You can also hear Keythe as Eruptor in SKYLANDERS, and as various characters in RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER, GUILD WARS 2, DISHONORED 2 and many others. Animation credits include RUGRATS, AAAHH!!! REAL MONSTERS and AVATAR: LEGEND OF KORRA. On the commercial side, Keythe’s been part of commercial campaigns for Scottrade, Nike, Hershey’s, Wrigley’s, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and many, many others.

In 2012, Keythe launched ¡KICK ASS! Voice Over, a full-service voice casting, directing and  training center. It’s motto is “Working in Voice Over is Simple… ¡KICK ASS!”


With the opening of The VO Lounge, Keythe is devoting himself to providing personal attention to the next generation of VO performers, as well as providing a space for seasoned professionals to work out and record in a laid-back and comfortable environment that provides pristine sound quality and attention to every detail of an actors’ performance… and maybe a nice cigar when the work is done.


Live From the Lounge is a variety show podcast hosted by Keythe Farley that features music, radio theatre sketches, recipes, movie recommendations and musings on things that matter with special guests from science, entertainment, philosophy and politics. Through thoughtful commentary, thrilling and hysterical radio theatre, delightful music and well-curated recipes and media recommendations, Live From the Lounge invites the listener To Learn. To Love. To Lounge.

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